10 tricks to use Google docs more efficiently

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Google Docs is one of my go-to editors. It’s really fun and I love using it. It has some really useful features that you must be aware of to use google docs efficiently. Please read on to know 10 such features that can save a lot of your valuable time.

1. Change the default font style from Arial to your favorite one in Google Docs.

By default the font style is Arial, and seriously it’s boring. You can change the default style by following the below steps:

a. By default font style in Google Docs is Arial.

google docs font

 b. Select some text in the Google doc and go to the fonts option as shown below and select the desired font. It will be applied to the text you have selected.

c. Now go to Format > Paragraph styles > Normal text > Update ‘Normal text’ to match.

d. Go to Format > Paragraph styles > Options > Save as my default style.

e. You see a message that your default styles have been saved.

You can check the same by opening a new doc and starting to type it will use the new font style we just changed to.

2. Ready to use template

Google Docs have many useful ready-to-use templates which can be used straight away with minor edits. To access the templates Go to File > New > From template gallery.

google docs template

Here you can find many templates that can be used to create a CV, letter, recipe, and Work templates like project proposals, meeting notes, etc.

3. Smart chips

With this option, you will never have to search for a feature in the menu bar while using google docs. Just type @ in Google Docs and you will see the smart chip suggestions like mentioning someone, sending an email, adding dates, and many more options.

google docs smart chips

4. Version history

This feature can be used only if the documents are shared in google docs. You can check who made the changes in the doc by navigating to File > Version history > See version history.

google docs version history

Here you can view the name, time, and date on which changes have been made.

You can also restore the doc to that particular time and date.

5. Show the outline

While using google docs, if your document has a heading and paragraphs you can use this feature to structure your doc.

Go to View > Show Outline.

google docs outline

On the left-hand side, you can see the outline of your doc. It like an Index if you click on the outline you can directly navigate to that section.

6. Substitution

In google docs, Go to Tools > Preferences > Substitutions.

google docs substitution

Type abbreviations eg PC in replacing section and in with section type the entire word like personal computer or any sentences you want and select OK.

Then on the doc just type pc and hit the space bar on the keyboard, pc will replace with a personal computer.

7. Voice typing

Go to Tools > Voice typing > Click to speak > then allow for the use of microphone option. 

google docs voice typing

You can see the microphone button on the left-hand side (make sure it is red if not click it to activate the voice typing) and try to speak what you want to type this feature will help you write the content in Google Docs.

8. Directly download as pdf

If you want that the doc you are working on needs to be sent to someone and they should directly be able to download it as a pdf, well which is simple in Google Docs.

In the URL of your doc where you see edit in the last just replace it with ‘export?format=pdf’.

Copy the link and send it to them, when they open this link a pdf document will start downloading.

9. Word count option

By default, you cannot see the word option. Select Ctrl + Shift + C and you can see the count dialogue box. 

google docs word count

You can select the check box for ‘Display word count while typing’ and select OK.

Now at the bottom left, you can see the word count.

10. Email embed

In google docs, you can send the doc you are working on directly to someone as an email with the text in the email body or as an attachment.

Go to File > Email > Email this file.

A dialogue box will open. You can add the subject line, To, message(if any), and select the check box ‘Don’t attach, include connect in email and select Send.

The text in the doc will be included as an email body email.

If you need to attach the doc, select the above checkbox and send.

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