How to format your text in WhatsApp?

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To find out how to format your WhatsApp text read below.

WhatsApp is not that boring instant messaging application with only plain text, it has options where you can make your text bold, italic, strikethrough, or monospace. You can do it in the mobile version as well as in the WhatsApp web. To learn how to set up WhatsApp Web check this link.

To format your WhatsApp text follow the below simple steps:

Step 1:

Write the text you want to send. Tap and hold (android) or double tap (iOS) on the text you want to format.

One word will be selected, now expand the selection to the other words you want to apply to the format.

Step 2:

Select the Format option, now you can see bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace options

Step 3:

Select the formatting you want and the words will change the format.

How to format text in WhatsApp.

Please note below steps can also be used in the phone version.

To make your text bold: Place an asterisk (*)on both sides of the text. E.g. *peace*

To make your text italic: Place an underscore (_) on both sides of the text. E.g. _peace_

To strikethrough your message: Place tilde (~) on both sides of the text. E.g. ~peace~

To use monospace: Place three backticks (`) on both sides of the text. E.g. “`peace“`

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