How to use WhatsApp web on a PC, laptop or tablet using a web browser?

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WhatsApp can be easily accessible on a PC, laptop, or tablet using a web browser. Once synced, whatever activities are done on the WhatsApp web browser will sync with your phone and vice versa.

Follow the below steps to use WhatsApp on a web browser.

Step 1:

Open web browser

Go to the address bar and enter URL: and hit enter


Just enter whats app web in Google and hit enter and select the first URL i.e.

Step 2:

The below screen should display once step 1 is complete.

Step 3:

Open WhatsApp on your phone.

Tap the menu or Settings option on your phone

Select Linked Devices

Tap on Link a Device option.

Point and scan to the code in the above screen so that the code is captured.

It will take 3 to 5 seconds and you should be able to see WhatsApp on your web browser.


You can now operate WhatsApp from your web browser. Also, WhatsApp on your phone will also be functional.

Step 5:

To logout from the web browser:

On the top right panel, select three dots options and below you can find the Log out option as shown below.

Select Log out and

Step 6:

The below message should be displayed. Select Log out from below and you will be logged out from the web browser. Your WhatsApp on your mobile phone will be running.

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